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Company history
In 1995 our company was established as a service and sales company. It initially specialized in the supply and service of material handling equipment.
In 1997 the company acquired the representation of one of the biggest Czech producer of storage and handling equipment „KOVO Cheb Ltd.“. We expanded our activities to the region of Prague and Central Bohemia. At the same time we started the preparotory process for production of gearing. We opened a workshop in Lotouš in our own shop floor.
In 2000, after three years of preparation, machining facility was put into full operation in Lotouš. We have started the production of gears and splined shafts.
In 2005 we expanded our business in Lotouš of new machinery . We also were joined by new employees. Those renewals opened new production opportunities to us.
In 2011 Our company purchased machinery equipment from the company „PMVO Slaný Ltd“ which was the acquiring company of former „ČKD Slaný PLC“. We employed its former employees including its technical experts too. Thanks to it the range of our costumers has widened, we have multiplied our production capacity and obtained know-how needed to our further progress.
In 2012 there was established a new workshop in Byseň. We moved machinery purchased from PMVO to the manufacturing compound of „Auto Pejšek“ in there. The moving was connected with more extensive innovation of our machine park.
In early 2013 we became a dealer of the American company „Jim 's“, which is the exclusive supplier of Harley - Davidson transmissions.
In 2014 we founded the company „Gear Tech 97 Ltd“, in which our present company has been transforming since January..
In the future, we would like to lay the groundwork for an own new larger business premises, to upgrade our production capacities and to expand the company in terms of human resources.